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boTec is a software products, consulting, and project implementation company supporting customers with multiple heterogeneous data sources, applications, and systems to optimize their end-to-end business processes and results using integration concepts and technology.
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Petroleum refining, petrochemical and other manufacturing industries face the challenge to optimise business across multiple systems, teams, and locations.

Production manufacturing across the process industry typically uses heterogeneous data and information from various business systems like ERP, supply chain management, plant information, production planning, scheduling and operations decision support to execute their business processes. In order to maximise efficiency and to minimise cost they require up-to-date information at any time. Those companies all face the challenge to optimise their end-to-end business processes across production units, sites and the entire enterprise.

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Business optimisation by a unique integration approach including according technology and methodology.

boTec provides enterprise-wide and individual solutions that integrate data, information, business applications and systems required to manage the overall production assets. Those solutions enable customers to improve their business processes and results in their supply chain management, primarily in refining but also in other production and process industries.

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