Smart Integration is key to global Business Optimisation

boTec provides a unique integration approach to achieve global business optimisation for more than 20 years. We innovated an integration platform and an implementation methodology to develop integration solutions that enable our customers to achieve sustainably global business optimisation by integration.
We integrate data, information, business applications and processes from several systems within a consistent business model. We combine, (dis)aggregate, recalculate and transform different types and formats of data. We set the data in context to the business function, turn it into information and present this information also graphically to inform and to support business decisions. This requires in most cases not just the data itself but also structural information about the data model. We use this model based integration with our implementation methodology to collaboratively develop integration and optimisation solutions.

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Solutions for significant business optimisation

boTec uses a unique integration approach including technology and methodology to provide solutions for a specific business functions. Among many others, we provide solutions for:
- Integrated Supply Chain Optimisation (closed and fast loop)
- Automation and Optimisation of Refinery and Distribution Planning
- Interactive Monitoring and Optimisation of Engineering Processes
- Material-Balances, Energy-Management and Solomon-Indicators
- Intuitive Visualisation of integrated information from plan vs. scheduled vs. actual vs. reconciled vs. accounted and simulated

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Services ensure successful and sustainable business optimisation

boTec consults multinational and medium-sized companies worldwide in the planning and execution of innovative integration projects to optimise business functions. Our integration approach and our services ensure that business optimisation solutions are successfully implemented and sustainably operated. boTec experts are committed to helping you effectively to reach your business goals and to ensure the maximum return of your invest by offering you a tailored service to cover your specific needs. Our services are available as consulting, support and maintenance, technical implementation, customising, training, and project management.

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