Experts in Developing Enterprise Software

At boTec we combine over 25 years of domain expertise in business information integration with our dedication in efficiency, usability and performance of IT technology. While we continuously evaluate new technology, software design-patterns, arising industry standards and hosting platforms, we always apply our project implementation and solution modelling experience in optimising our software architecture, products and methodology.
Our long-term relationship with global key-customers provide additional insight to sharpen our portfolio and continuously extend our software lifecycle. Key driver for our motivation and constant evolution of our software is the aim to maximise the combination of fast, secure and intuitive end-user experience together with availability, flexibility and scalability of our modular platform.

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Integration Platform

Key to our integration approach is the integration platform. It is a modular enterprise software with compatible components which follow international industry standards. It is based on standard database technology (e.g. Oracle) and can be implemented and integrated into almost every IT environment.
This enables our customers to combine and aggregate different types of data from different systems that exist in different forms, level of detail, and at different times to be available in the appropriate form when the user needs it to make decisions. It requires in most cases not just data but also structural and model information, information access from more than one source, additional calculations , and enhancing to existing applications.

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Our applications are industry specific, highly configurable components and provide a solution for a specific business function. Our approach and architecture allow the use of best-in-class software.
Application development and deployment is typically based on top of the core system platform. Each application consists of a client part for the graphical user interface/visualisation and server parts for the business/application logic and data storage. The client part consists of configuration and administration views and presentation objects. The server part consists of class definitions and related object structures for calculation logic, data storage and aggregation hierarchies.
The integration of third-party applications typically require one of our interface components because they follow their own architecture and provide data storage which is used in our own applications. Examples for such third-party applications are planning and scheduling applications.

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